What's In Between

The "in-between" is a place for everything else. My in-between is finding a way to not lose my self in my role of mother.
It's remembering that my parents raised me to be independent and that I inherited my father's work ethic.
It's knowing that in my 20s I lived exactly the life I was meant to live, and that in my 40s I can appreciate that and share it with others.
It's knowing that I am, and will forever be, Mommy to three adorable children but that I'm still Tracy.
It's recognizing my own imperfection- something I experience all too often in the kitchen.

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  1. Hey Tracy! Just got your comments on my A-Z post, so I came to visit. :-) Love this page, a reminder that we are ALL more than just moms. It's easy to forget that at times. So nice to find you!


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