Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweensie Hide N Seek

Considering where my focus has been with Pizza and Juicebox, the characters in the story shouldn't be surprising. Thanks Susanna for the contest, challenge and creative push! Enjoy!

Sugar Pie pumpkin peeked around a large tree looking for her friend, Candied Apple. There was a crackling sound as Sugar Pie’s foot stuck to a leaf. Candied Apple had been here.
“Boo!” Jack O’Lantern said jumping out from behind a bush. Together, Sugar Pie and Jack looked for Candied Apple. Carefully they climbed up to the tree house.
“Boo!” Sugar Pie screeched when they reached the top. But the tree house was empty.
Jack and Sugar Pie continued looking for Candied Apple. Following her sticky foot prints, they found her by the door ready to go trick- or- treating.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Up for the Challenge?

I started writing about three years ago. Some of the work has been really good, and some has been frightening when I've gone back to read through those early drafts. It started as a cathartic, sharing (to no one in particular) type of exercise. A way to get the thoughts (all on parenting) out of my head and onto paper.
As time went on, and I listened and watched my children more closely. The result; a drive and motivation to create children's books. With my own children as models and creators of story outlines, without even knowing it, I started writing.
Now, I've joined the PiBoIdMo challenge, where the plan is to create an idea for a children's picture book each day in the month of November. As I only have about 4 working ideas, this could be daunting, fun, challenging, exciting, and really test the few creative brain cells in my head. Let's see how it goes, and wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anniversary China

After ten years and three kids, the floors in our house were in serious need of repair. We finally had them done this past summer. The good news is that they are beautiful. The better news is that this beauty prompted some serious cleaning and rearranging on my part. A major by-product of that rearranging has involved trying to make, and keep, my dining room functioning as a dining room rather than a 12' x 12' closet. I'm fairly certain the table in there is meant for eating more than it is for piling. My closet also needs some rearranging but that's another beast entirely.
Part of my dining room conversion involved bringing the four or five remaining place settings of our china up from the basement. Yes, fancy Wedgewood wedding china. Do brides still even register for china? I have no idea. Most of the pieces we received as wedding gifts were unwrapped ten years ago and have been consistently used on holidays throughout the years. In case anyone's wondering, I still love my china pattern today as much as I did when I picked it out.

Not surprisingly, there were a few things that struck me while opening my boxes:

  • They  had survived the mold problem we had a few years ago in our basement. A plus when you are eating off something for sure.
  • My sincerest thanks and appreciation to the people at Michael C. Fina for doing such an excellent packing job. Nothing broken, even 14 years later.
  • Not only did I have a few more place settings, but I also had a ton of cardboard to break down flat and take to the garage. One more thing to do in my day.
  • And finally... how my husband and I have withstood the test of time as much as these plates, tea cups and saucers have. We probably have more chips and nicks than they do for sure, but we're still here and using the china in the dining room.
I can say that while looking at my "new china" I had moments of combined nostalgia and feeling productive at the same time. I remembered "doing the twist" with my dad and sister (a long time wedding tradition for the three of us). I remembered dancing just for fun with my new husband. I thought of what a pain it would be to pack up all the china when it comes time to move one day. And then I thought of what else I could move around in the basement to get rid of the old and make room for more storage (or less). How much stuff do I really need?
So, all of these things mark my 14th wedding anniversary. There are others too, but I'll save the ones that make me smile for my husband who, like my china, has withstood the test of time, mold, dust, and moving around. Happy Anniversary.